The Influencer's Guide to Monetize Instagram for Free

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Right now you can get free access to Modules 1 & 2 of the InstaFreedom Course by creating your account using the button above. This is an advanced training for anyone who wants to build massive targeted audiences, increase engagement and generate leads & sales daily on Instagram. Want to learn more? Scroll down and keep reading...

Warning: ANYONE Can Do This!

  • No Experience Required

    This training is intended for both new and seasoned marketers alike. You can literally start today and see results within days even if you’ve never done anything like this before.

  • No Tech Skills Involved

    There’s no complicated stuff to learn here, no confusing jargon or complex software. This is as simple as using the internet to share pictures and connect with your friends.

  • No Overhead Costs

    Forget about high recurring investments like rent, equipment, employees, inventory and even marketing. All you need here is a mobile phone with internet access.

Introducing: InstaFreedom!

InstaFreedom is exactly what its name says: your first-class ticket to ultimate success online! Imagine yourself building an insanely profitable online business from scratch with minimum investment and maximum time leverage.

This is precisely what you get once you apply what you're about to learn and generate an unlimited stream of laser-targeted, highly-engaged, ready-to-buy leads daily!

Full Instagram Marketing Course (No Upsells):

Setting Up An Irresistible Profile

First, let’s take a look at how you can  launch a successful business on Instagram from scratch, whether you’re already active there or never used it before.

This is simpler than you imagine once you know the different types of accounts you can use to make money on Instagram and how to set it up to attract the right audience to you and maximize lead generation and sales.

From creating a hypnotizing profile that “forces” people to check your offers to getting your first followers on Instagram at zero cost, this module will guide you through the process of finding your ideal target market and connecting with it effortlessly.

We’ll also analyze the best approach to interact with your followers and the right way to use the basic functions of Instagram (liking, commenting and messaging people) to maximize results without being spammy.

As a bonus, you’ll learn the pros and cons of public, private and business accounts so you can choose the right type of account for what you intend to do on Instagram.

Awesome Content On-The-Clock

All over the online space there’s a rule that always apply: content is king!

Needless to say, this is absolutely true when we talk about a social media website that revolves around images and videos.

So in this module we will discuss a few strategies to come up with high quality content for as many accounts as you want with little time compromise.

Seriously, you will learn how to determine the exact content your audience wants to see and give it to them as often as you wish in just 5 to 10 minutes of work per day.

Anything related to content creation and sharing is here…

How to identify the best times to post, the optimum frequency, the most useful apps to make your posts stand out – image AND video – plus some very useful tips to help you get maximum results from each post.

You will even find some ideas to leverage other people’s work to your advantage in a totally ethical and mutually beneficial way.

That’s not all… we will also consider the role and importance of using all new Instagram features to boost your results, particularly the highly engaging Instagram Stories.

Your profile will never be the same after you apply the content of this module!

Rockstar Engagement & Growth

Content is king, we already know that, but getting your content in front of your audience is what really generates traffic, leads and revenue – it’s also where most people struggle.

Learn how to grow your account from the ground up and get thousands of highly engaged followers in a matter of days / weeks.

See the difference between artificially and organically generated engagement and how you can take advantage of both to go viral and multiply your lead generation 100% FREE!

No fake followers / likes / comments involved – stay away from any fake engagement on Instagram as it will hurt your business and destroy your engagement level very fast – and possibly get your account suspended.

Instead, learn how to generate authentic engagement on demand for every post you share, any time of the day!

Also check my simple noobie-proof method to quickly identify all the best hashtags to maximize your exposure and get your content ranking on the top of the discover page all the time.

Bonus 1 – Get invites to numerous niche-specific Instagram support groups where you will find both immediate help to take your traffic generation to the next level…

… as well as gain access to some of the brightest minds in the Instagram game from whom you can get restricted info on the Instagram algorithm and all its secrets and updates – this is PRICELESS!

Bonus 2 – The Instagram Shoutouts Guide where you will find step-by-step instructions to tap into the most powerful lead generation strategy on Instagram.

Seriously, once you apply this method you will get hundreds – if not thousands – of followers, leads AND sales literally overnight.

Don’t EVER struggle with getting traffic again!

Safe & Ethical Automation Strategies

Let’s face it, automation is a major taboo when it comes to social media.

All big players and successful marketers use it to grow and scale up their business hands free with minimum effort and maximum effectiveness – they just don’ like admitting to it.

Officially, Instagram doesn’t support or allow automation and they can suspend and even shut down your account if they catch you doing it.

The average user, who’s rightfully turned down by the overwhelming amount of uninterested engagement and vague comments going on every single day on Instagram, isn’t very fond of automation either.

So how can you automate the repetitive, tedious and time consuming tasks involved in growing a business on Instagram in a safe manner that still looks – and is – 100% natural and human?

This is precisely what you will learn in this module!

Save your most precious asset (time) as you learn which activities you can – and should – automate and how to maximize your efforts to get guru-level results with minimal work… just like the gurus do!

WARNING: In this module you will NOT learn how to look like one of the many obviously fake accounts plaguing Instagram right now.

You will simply learn how to focus your energy on the most relevant activities in your business while leveraging technology to get the work done faster and more effectively without compromising your time freedom

… all the while you still look real and authentic to Instagram and your audience.

In fact, what I’ll teach you in this module will allow you to connect even deeper with your followers!

Bonus – My automation strategies don’t involve any complicated stuff; in fact, you can apply this without even using your phone or computer – it’s TRULY hands-free!

The Ultimate Monetization Blueprint

Monetization is by far the biggest stumbling block aspiring Instagram marketers face when trying to make money online.

In truth, most big accounts you see there have no clue how to turn their followers into cash.

There’s A LOT of misconceptions out there and few people ever figure what it takes to make $5,000 – $10,000 per month on Instagram or even more… and believe me, it’s not that complicated.

In this most invaluable module I’ll guide you through all the steps to monetize your account, starting with identifying what really works in YOUR niche.

And once you know what your audience wants, I’ll show you how to give it to them day and night, 24/7 all over the globe even while you sleep or have a good time with your family.

Oh yeah, if you’re serious about making money than you won’t be shooting in the dark, waiting until your account has a million followers or some big brand comes offering you money for a post – that will probably NEVER happen!

You gotta monetize your account from Day 1!

You don’t need to have your own business or even something to sell to start making money on Instagram – you can, but you don’t need to.

You can monetize Instagram TODAY even if you never used if before.

Don’t believe me?

Then follow this module and I’ll show you not just one, but MANY different ways you or anybody can turn Instagram into an overnight money making machine.

What Others Are Saying...

  • Rhonda Patterson Rhonda Patterson Network Marketer
    Hi Ed, I'd like to thank you for this training because it truly made a difference in my life. I started in MLM without having any idea of how it really works and now I know what it takes to succeed in this industry. All the things you shared with me helped me understand what I have to do and investing in your Instagram course has allowed me to generate leads consistently and more than double my income from my primary business alone in less than a month.
  • Gilbert Williamson Gilbert Williamson Corporate America
    Thank you Ed Perez for putting together this training and making it available for people who can't really spend a lot of money right now. I feel really blessed because I actually got a sale in my first week implementing this and I'm already in profit. Can't express in words how thankful I am. I feel like my whole life and my family's is about to change.
  • Jayden Burns Jayden Burns IT Professional
    Hi man I've been trying to find a way to build a side income online for quite sometime with no success and now I'm finally making a few hundred bucks thanks to you. It's not much yet but it's a start and what matters most right now is that I can totally do this without compromising my current job.
  • Yolanda Dunn Yolanda Dunn Stay At Home Mom
    WOW is all I can say! I've been doing IG marketing for a few months with relative success so far but this training took my whole game to the next level. Got a big boost in both followers and lead generation and that last part of the training I've NEVER SEEN anyone mention before. That's crazy!! Can't wait to apply that strategy and see my commissions skyrocket! Thanks thanks thanks
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Access To Exclusive IG Groups

Imagine you could have access to hundreds of real people who breath Instagram and have all the answers to all the questions you can think of regarding making money on IG. Now imagine these people are not only there to help you figure out the Instagram game but also to actively engage with your accounts and make it go viral.

Well, these people exist and as a free bonus I'll introduce you to numerous Instagram groups you can join from your phone to get 24/7 support and be a part of our awesome community. From groups that are open to anyone to niche or size specific groups, you'll never struggle to get support again.

The Instagram Shoutouts Guide

Ever wanted to know how the top Instagram gurus grow their accounts by the thousands overnight while also earning 4-figures in just a matter of days? Learn all their dirty secrets in my Instagram Shoutouts Guide and legally steal their formula to insta-success.

The undisclosed strategy takes minutes to set up and just a few hours to generate jaw-dropping results. Try it for yourself and don't forget to send me your testimonial with your results...

FYI: This Is Exactly What YOU Are About To Learn How To Do...

  • Attract over 1,000+ targeted followers monthly by sharing your passions...
  • Generate over 300+ highly qualified FREE leads per month with Instagram...
  • Acquire over 10+ happy new customers every month all over the world 24/7...
  • Build a side income online to set yourself free both financially and time-wise...
  • Create a solid marketing budget to shortcut your way to your dream lifestyle!


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You Will Get Followers And Leads If You Implement What You'll Learn In This Course Guaranteed!

Listen up...

This course is intended for people who are READY to take action and transform their business and life.

Whether or not you'll take action on what I'll show you in this Full Instagram Marketing Course is something beyond my control.

Still, I can GUARANTEE you'll see results if you implement what you'll learn here.

And by results I mean you won't ever struggle to get leads for your business EVER again.

As simple as it is, the content of this training program totally transformed my life - and the life of the ones I love!

And this is EXACTLY what I want you to experience: ultimate happiness and success - whatever that means to YOU!

Imagine yourself wielding the power to generate FREE Traffic, Leads & Sales on demand.

That's precisely what you'll gain access to in this training.

Now envision yourself 6 months from today and embrace the FEELING of real cashflow in your business because you now generate 5+ laser-targeted BUYERS every day...

It's real. This strategy is NOT complicated at all. There's NO experience or tech skills required.

There's NO overhead involved. And you can do this from your mobile phone!

Here's my GUARANTEE to ensure that you BUY NOW...

I really want you to learn, apply and profit from this knowledge... the time is NOW, enough is enough:

money back logo


If you don’t get leads after implementing this course, I will personally give you a 100% refund so there is ZERO RISK on your part TODAY, right NOW! I believe YOU can WIN with Instagram too!

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What Others Are Saying...

  • Denise Daniels Denise Daniels Waitress
    Gosh I never really thought it was possible for someone like me to make money like this. I feel a little dumb now for not starting this I can see the day coming when I won't need my job anymore and I'll finally be able to travel for a while and decide what I really want to do with my life.
  • Carl Fletcher Carl Fletcher Civil Engineer
    Hello Ed Perez. I am applying your Instagram Marketing Course and seeing good results so far. Just made my first couple of sales last week. This is all new to me and I'm probably going a bit slower than I should, but time has been an issue for me. My goal here is to safely quit my job next year and dedicate more time to my family. I feel we deserve this.
  • Austin Dean Austin Dean Sales Representative
    After more than 2 years struggling to get leads and thousands of dollars wasted in crappy traffic I'm finally learning how to get responsive leads that actually convert. Best of all this has costed me close to ZERO! Thanks Ed Perez for this!
  • Becky Lewis Becky Lewis Self Employed
    I've just hit the mark of 1,000 followers after just 2 and a half weeks of starting my Instagram account!!! This feels like a HUGE accomplishment since I've never done anything on IG before. Now I'm starting to get LEADS DAILY, at least 5-10 a day which is SO exciting!! I'm so thankful for this training.

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